Research & Development

The research initiatives at Montfort College aim to promote the furtherance of knowledge in the field of mental health and its optimal dissemination. We strive to conceptualize and execute research for the benefit of all the stake holders. As mental health training has been largely shaped by Western thought, we envisage discovering the unique contributions of the Indian context to mental health training and service delivery. The ultimate goal is to derive principles, methods and guidelines for the practice of the mental health profession to benefit all strata of the society.

Training & Development

The training & development wing of Sampurna is focussed on preventive care through its workshops and training facilities for individual, couples and groups. Some of the topics for the training workshops are as follows:

» Listening & Questioning skills» Work/Life Balance» Emotional Intelligence

» Improving Self-esteem

» Listening Skills

» Problem solving skills

» Exam Anxiety/Stress

» Critical Thinking

» Effective Communication

» Decision-Making

» Creative Thinking

» Relationship Management

» Stress Management

» Conflict Management

» Team Building

» Time Management

» Public Speaking Skills» Gender Sensitization

» Anger Management

» Sleep Problems

» Self Harm

» Marital Separation and Divorce

» Lack of Confidence

» Self-Awareness

» Assertiveness Training

» Other Life-Skills Training

» Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

» Interpersonal / Relationship skills

» Parenting

» Classroom Management

» Many more…as per need