We envision mental and emotional well-being in society. The broad vision of Montfort College is expressed in its motto “Liberation with Enlightenment”.  Our mission is to train psychologists and counsellors with personal integration and professional competence; to provide contextually relevant, socially inclusive and affordable mental healthcare support to all in need.


We aim to promote mental health and emotional well-being in society as well as advancement of learning and understanding. We endeavour to train personally integrated, emotionally balanced, professionally competent, socially committed and empathetic psychologists and counsellors.


We intend to provide an ambience of quiet learning; friendly and free interaction among students and faculty, to:

» Achieve adequate mental formation of students towards selfawareness and personal integration.
» Achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and research.
» Enthuse them in the promotion of holistic mental and emotional health.
» Provide experiential and skill-based training.
» Apply advances in learning and knowledge to the relevant fields of work.
» Promote excellence in the fields of psychology and counselling.
» Become uncompromising in respect for the individual and develop a genuine feeling of compassion for the marginalized and the needy.

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