BNU Freshers’ Orientation – 11th September 2019

Sampurna Montfort College welcomed the new batch of 2019-2021 on 11th September 2019 through a warm and heartfelt orientation ceremony.

The orientation began at 9.00am and was held in the auditorium where every fresher was welcomed into the Montfort family with a rose. The two vibrant hosts of the ceremony, Mr. Ashish Mathew (III MSc. Psychology) and Ms. John Lavanya (III MSc. Counselling Psychology) unveiled the formal gathering by welcoming the dignitaries and all the students.

The day began by the lighting of the lamp where light symbolises the path from darkness to goodness, life and hope. The Director, Br. Mathew Chulaparambil, the Principal, Br. Paul Arul Raj, Academic Coordinator Ms. Sritha Sandon and one student each from 1st semester Psychology and Counselling Psychology were invited on to the dias for the lamp lighting ceremony. The director, Br. Mathew later addressed the gathering and extended a warm and hearty welcome to all the new students on behalf of the Montfort family. He urged the students to actively indulge in a tapasya for learning and attain enlightenment. Following the welcome address, the very talented students from III semester Psychology showcased a dance performance, filled with glamour and energy. Later, Br. Paul Raj addressed the students’ gathering with a very profound and gentle message on life and living at Montfort. Following the formal address by Br. Paul, the students of III Psychology staged a melodious musical performance, which was a treat for everyone. Following that amazing performance, the academic coordinator, Ms. Sritha Sandon took charge of introducing the freshers to all the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as all the support staff of Montfort College. Ms. Soumya(III Counselling Psychology) later came onto the dias and shared her experience of being a Montfortian. She shared her journey of growth and learning and encouraged all the freshers to let down all inhibitions and discover one’s own potentials. The formal gathering was concluded at this point with the vote of thanks, as proposed by Ms. Felicia (PGDCP, SIAS).

The second part of the program was taken up by the faculty. The various professors orientated the students about the functioning of the university and the college, the syllabus as well as the various events and activities of the college. This segment continued until 01.00pm after which the gathering dispersed for lunch.
Post lunch, the seniors organised an informal freshers party for the juniors. The event was scheduled with games and songs, laughter and fun as well as loads of casual interactions.