BNU Student Council Elections – 23rd September 2019

Every vote counts!

Elections at Montfort college were more exciting than any other elections in the country. There was an election commission which was formed that laid out the protocol for the election. Our young campaigners went an extra mile to prove themselves worthy of the votes they would receive and their creativity was exhibited in the form of handmade posters and e-posters.

We had two contenders for the presidential post – one female and one male, both of them my exuberant classmates. For the post of Events secretary there were two female contenders from different classes, both of whom had a lot of experience in organising events. The position of sports secretary was the most competitive with four contenders, three of them being juniors. Treasurer was the one of the positions which was unopposed giving no chance to the contender to experience the anxiety of results Class representatives in the student council from every class were to be elected. 2 contenders were present for III Psychology and I Psychological Counselling. I Psychology had battled it out within their class before the elections and nominated only one person wherein III Psychological Counselling nominated one person with no battles and opposition.

Every candidate was given three minutes to present their final speech after which the voters cast their votes. The counting of votes is a transparent process in Montfort College. Every slip is read out aloud and tallied on the board. This process creates a lively tension amongst the audience, all waiting to witness how beneficial their vote is going to be.

The counting of votes for the class representatives began first, followed by the events secretary, sport secretary and the president. The most tension was felt for the post of sports secretary as four students contested and there was a draw in between two contenders – one junior and one senior. Thus, at this point, according to the rules laid down by the election commission of Montfort college, select faculty/ administrative staff intervened and cast their votes for the two contenders. After this, the winner was declared. Br. Paul Raj, Principal – Montfort College quoted “This student council seems to be a promising one carrying a lot of energy”. He blessed the winners with a rose and congratulated them individually.