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Certificate course in Counselling Psychology (Full Time & Part Time)

The certificate programme in counselling Psychology is a practical and stimulating course for those in the wide field of helping and caring professions which offer guidance and support. The course teaches the correct application of counselling skills through class room teaching as well as practical guidance. Moreover, the participants also will be trained in actual counselling through practical requirements. This programme will benefit anyone who works in formation, social welfare, education, health, human resource, management, and various such professions. Along with providing solid foundation in counselling skills and application of the same to various populations like children, adolescents, and the youth, this course also incorporates the application of Life Skills.


Course Duration

100 hours

Course Timings
(Part Time)

2 .00– 6.00 pm on Saturday (Part time).

Course Timings
(Full Time)

9.00 – 4.00 pm from Monday to Saturday during the first three weeks of the month of May beginning on the first Monday (full time).

Course Structure

Classroom training through lectures, worksheets, demonstrations, audio-visual aids, role plays and skill practises in dyads and triads, supervision,
Project work (Case Presentation)
Assessment and Evaluation

Course Contents


Module 1 : Counselling Skills
Module 2 : Counselling different groups(populations)
Module 3 : Life Skills

Evaluation Criteria


Case Presentation
Viva Voce
Written Exam

Prospective Applicants


Teachers, Nurses, Managers, Team-leads, HRMs –
Anyone who is involved in managing people and who has as passion to understand self and others and be available to help others.

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