Farewell at Montfort 2019

Words can’t fully and truly describe how farewells in Montfort are. I feel about graduating. Montfort has been my home for two years now and leaving this safe haven is almost scary. The first thing I’m going to miss is how open and honest you are allowed to be here; nobody judges you or treats you differently for voicing your opinion. You are allowed to be you and honestly, nothing beats that! Be it the teachers or your peers, there have always been a sense of belonging.

I’m really going to miss the warm smiles, sports month, case conference (believe it or not!), the samosas and brownies in the canteen, friendly banter with Asha, figuring out how much food to get for an event with Saritha, brain-storming research ideas with Visal, those quiet evenings on campus… the list could go on and on.

It’s been a crazy two years and the learning has been immeasurable. Working with the editorial team has been such a pleasure! Good luck to all the juniors and remember that you are in a space where love and kindness are in abundance, so soak it all in and make the most of it!