Halloween – 22nd October 2019

The idea of dressing up for Halloween was fun in itself let alone having so many activities planned for that spooky evening. We couldn’t contain our excitement throughout the day. We got to see everybody dressed up in Halloween costumes and creative, scary face paintings. Also, it was a change from our usual daily wear.

Halloween is a fun festival celebrated over the world and we Montfortians weren’t going to be deprived of it. It was a chance for us to showcase the fashion statements that we had planned every time we watched a horror movie or our favorite movie for that matter.

After the classes, photo sessions were on full swing, each shutter with dramatic poses which was supposed to be scary. Then we all piled up in the lawn, eager to know the activities planned by our seniors. Firstly, we were told to group ourselves for the game. A representative was selected from each group to select a number and scenes were alloted to the respective teams which they should enact and then other groups should guess it correctly. As the game continued, it was fun to see a zombie version of Avengers, Scary classroom with an impromptu scene which made the team win. Then we had a fashion show to showcase the different costumes which included Disney characters – Moana, Snow White, Mickey Mouse to name a few. There were Witches, The corpse bride, Jasmine, “Life”, Virus , Grumpy grandpa. The Boo was given to “Rachel” from 1st M.sc Counseling Psychology who dressed up as “Moana” and was true to the character with her beautiful Curly hair and sharp features. The Ghoul was given to “Johnny” from 2nd Msc Psychology who came as Virus aka Grumpy grandpa who lived upto the character.

We all headed home with a bunch of spooky memories to be remembered for years to come.