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On 11th Nov 2019, 70 students chose to spend the day at Sampurna Montfort College, in pursuit of their moment of Kairos. For on that auspicious day, were planned many opportunities for them to showcase their talents and make an impact on their world.

These participants were student representatives from St. Aloysius College, Bishop Cottons College, Christ University (Bannerghatta), CMR University, IIPR, and Sampurna Montfort College.

The 2019 intercollegiate fest was inaugurated by a member of our alumni Ashwini N. V. who shared her thoughts on the meaning of Kairos & how we as psychologists and counsellors can apply in it in our daily lives. After her captivating speech, she wished the participants all the best in their pursuit of that “auspicious moment for decision or action”.

There were opportunities galore, for participants to express themselves. From singing about “One life; live it to the fullest”, to showcasing “Motivational Styles” through dance. From capturing “Precious moments” in a single shot to showcasing a sequence of frames that captured the “Connections” between them, through film. While some chose to paint “Little things matter” on a poster, other artists chose to paint the “Joy of living” on the face of a fellow human. There were those who chose to express their personal viewpoints on “Social Facilitation” in a group setting. A brave few chose to share their thoughts on the “Fleeting Present”, individually, at the open mic. It was all kick-started by participants who chose to convey their take on “Mindfulness” through the medium of theatre.

Student entertainers from Sampurna Montfort captivated the audiences between events. The college decorations team had ensured that the campus was festooned to ignite the imagination and fill the air with festivity and joy. The enthusiasm of the participants was infectious and the whole building was abuzz with their creative energy.
Judges Sachin Mundakkal, Shalini Maria Jose, Eric Gerald, Navya NT, Roshni Fernandes, Apeksha M and Darshana Patowali graced us with their presence and had their grey cells on fire deciding who the winners would be.
A variety of food stalls were on hand to help the artists and the audience refuel. Pani puri, dabeli, brownies, mini doughnuts and 99 varieties of dosa satiated hungry tummies.

The Valedictory function brought the event to a close. Christ College was announced as the winner and IIPR was announced as the runner up of the fest. Participants shared that in addition to thoroughly enjoying themselves at the competition, they experienced and appreciated the warm hospitality of our volunteers & the college. The participants were thanked for making the event a huge success and invited to come back again next year.