Kannada Rajyotsava – 12th November, 2019

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On the 12th of November 2019, the college lawn became a place of celebration. The day dedicated to the commemoration of “Karnataka Rajyotsava” was filled with different colors including iconic red and yellow. Deepak, who emceed the event, increased the spirit of the crowd through his energy.

The program, as per tradition, was started with a beautiful invocation song by Kavya from first year M.Sc Psychology. Following this Brother Matthew C, Principal and Director of SIAS, addressed the gathered crowd with the keynote speech on the importance of the day. The informative speech on Karnataka State, Kannada language, literature was inspirational. Brother Mathew concluded his speech by urging everyone to enjoy and show respect to the culture and language of the state, along with providing inspiration to learn the language.

Welcome speech that followed was given by Kavya and Samarchitha touched various aspects including the history commemoration of the day, its importance. The importance of land, language, literature, temples, heritage, the importance of flag and its colour were some of the other spacts that was mentioned. Group song was the next event which was followed by a traditional dance performance by Harshita (1 M.Sc Psychology).

Experience of those who are not native to the language was a necessary part of the event. Speech from Divya V, student of second year M.Sc Psychology, highlighted on the thoughts and experiences of a non-kannadiga in this State. Various activities such as interpretation of song, translations and so on elevated the mood of the program.

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