Teacher’s day – 9th September 2019

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Our teachers. They inspire us. They lead us through tough times. They encourage us to look to the future and never give up. On 9th of September 2019, we Montfortians, set aside time to celebrate the presence of these wonderful people in our lives.

Great anticipation hung in the air, before the Teacher’s day program began. Both, audience and performers, eagerly awaited what promised to be a highly entertaining program that showcased the great talent of the students of SIAS & Montfort College.

As a symbolic representation of the teachers who are a light in our lives; the program started off with the lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest Provincial Superior Bro. George P.J., Director and Principal of SIAS Dr. Bro. Mathew Chulaparambil, Principal of Montfort college Dr. Bro. Paul Raj & representatives of the faculty.
Jitesh from MSc. Counselling Psychology (Msc. CP) (junior?)then welcomed the gathering. This was followed by an address by Bro. Mathew C, which was filled with inspiring words that made us introspect and self-reflect. Professor Maxim, then gave us an introduction to the Chief Guest, Dr. George PJ. After this was a surprise performance by the students of Msc.CP. They had all enthralled with their artistic live performance of music, song and dance that left the audience wanting more.

The program continued with a mesmerizing instrumental medley, on keyboard and violin, by MSc. Psychology students Ashish and Aparna respectively. Their songs like ‘Roja’ transported to the audience back to a different era altogether. After that immersive performance, was a solo vocal piece by Louella, from Msc. CP. Her rendition of the song ‘At last’ was truly beautiful.

Reena from MSc. CP spoke next. Her words were filled with encouragement and gratitude. After this, was a dance performance by the students of MSc. CP.As they frolicked to tunes like ‘GoriGori’, they had all nostalgically reminiscing about the 90’s and wanting to join in all the fun on stage. The next event lined up was a speech by Professor Vishalakshi, her heartfelt words moved us. After that incredible speech, the audience was addressed by Chief Guest Dr. George PJ. His words, were truly motivating and uplifting.

Our teachers were given a small token of gratitude and appreciation to show them how much they mean to each of us.
The program came to a close with the vote of thanks given by Priyadharshini from PGDCP. Professor Sritha shared a token of appreciation, on behalf of the teachers, in gratitude for the student’s affection.

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