World Suicide Prevention Day and World Peace Day

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Montfortians gathered in the lawn, on 16th September 2019 to observe World Suicide Prevention Day and World Peace Day with great enthusiasm.
According to World Health Organization, every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide, which tells us the intensity of situation at hand and the need to educate, spread awareness and support our fellow human beings. Various cultural programs, such as a play, a song, a dance drama, recitation of poetry, a workshop, were hosted by the students. This was done in order to educate, spread awareness and lend a supporting hand to people around. These programs emphasized strengthening the ideals of peace within us and in turn among nations.
The emcees of the event, Afifa and Felicia gave people important insights on World Suicide Prevention Day and World Peace Day. The event was kick started by Anandh and team, singing What a wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, reminding us to look at the world in a positive light. This was followed by Muthu Kumar, welcoming the gathering. The program continued with the students of PGDCP who enacted everyday situations in which we may encounter people at their lowest and how we must guide them and talk to them. They also spoke about Suicide Prevention Awareness strategies in Medical settings, Media strategies and Suicide helpline numbers.
After that insightful enactment, Judy and John recited a poem called ‘Blue Murder’ (written by Judy) which captured the intensity of human emotions in powerful words. Following this, many students shared their experiences with suicide. First up was Zeba who shared a personal experience about a friend she lost to suicide. Up next was Pramila who shared the report about the workshop that was conducted in an orphanage. Following which, Visalakshi, assistant professor, spoke in depth about the symptoms and prevention methods for Suicide.
The next performance by the students of 1st Counselling Psychology depicted a dance drama named ‘Give life a chance’. It showcased the inner struggles of a person who struggles with suicidal ideations. The event was concluded with an address by Br. Paul Raj, Principal.

The performances filled the spectator’s hearts with motivation and inspiration to work towards educating, spreading awareness, coming up with new strategies and to lend a hand to someone who is in need of help.
The World Mental Health day is celebrated on the 10th of October every year. The objective of having a day dedicated to mental health is to raise awareness about mental health issues around the world and to help increase support in favour of those facing mental health issues. This helps in destigmatizing the topic of mental health and mobilizingindividuals in opening up about the issues they are facing. In account of the same, we at Montfort College celebrated the World Mental Health Day a little bigger by extending the fiesta to the entire month of October.

The second and more awaited for event took place on the World Mental Health Day, the 10th of October. This event sported a variety of factors that made it interesting. To begin with, there were five different stalls put up, specifically the anonymous letter stall where one could send anonymous letters to anyone they prefer; the shredding your fears stall where one’s fears are written down and cut into pieces (quite literally); the letter to your future self stall; the bookmarks stall; and the food stalls which sold only the best food one can ask for post classes. There was also an open mic to the audience where some sang like the nightingales they are, some amazed the audience with their well-strung poetry, and some faced their fears and shared stories so close to their heart, it led others to tears.

On a whole, the Mental Health Month was put together by so many innovate, captivating minds, making it a huge success. The participation of all in emphasizing the importance of mental health marked the rise in those fighting for the same. The motive of having a month dedicated to importance of mental health was well served by students as well as faculty, assuring the world a better tomorrow.

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